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The Amityville Horror Poster
The Amityville Horror Poster by Pascal Witaszek


Artist: Pascal Witaszek
Date: 2020
Hand numbered
Screen print
Limited edition of 100
16 X 24 inches


Stock Status: In Stock

More Information
Design A 72779 Amityville, NY.
Spread over three expansive floors, this pristine waterfront townhouse possesses beautiful views of Amityville river. Features include balcony, sturdy sash windows and renovated boathouse in landscaped surround. Unique to this Dutch Colonial is a stone well situated in the basement. Quarter moon windows bring character and warmth to this charming home - ideal for families! Located in a quiet neighbourhood that is rich in history. Late night viewings available.

'Home Sweet Home' Design A 72779 Amityville, NY. Inspired by The Amityville Horror. Artwork by Pascal Witaszek. Property description by Peter Laws.

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