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Poltergeist Poster
Poltergeist Poster by Pascal Witaszek

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Artist: Pascal Witaszek
Date: 2020
Hand numbered
Screen print
Limited edition of 100
16 X 24 inches


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More Information
Design A 60482 Simi Valley, CA.
Lose yourself in luxury in this phenomenal modern home. Open-plan ground floor living is perfect for family gatherings while splendid sweeping staircase elevates to spacious second floor. With large closets, sunny breakfast space and TV hookup in every room this is a clean, light and inviting home, especially for kids. Outdoor pool option offers space for many swimmers. Property located in an up and coming suburb with national heritage links.

'Home Sweet Home' Design A 60482 Simi Valley, CA. Inspired by Poltergeist. Artwork by Pascal Witaszek. Property description by Peter Laws.

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