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Justin Santora 

A Chicagoland based artist and illustrator focusing mainly on drawing and printmaking. Justin Santora's work is complex in process and thought but simple in beauty. The ideas of innocence and the loss there-of, the weaving memories that shape our lives and the longing of someone who is outside looking in are all prevalent in the composition of Justin's work. The nostalgia of childhood that lingers on into our adult lives and the paths of daydreams we want to lose ourselves in are inherent in his art. The starkness of the landscapes and the muted panes of colour form an emotional bond with the subject matter of the pieces through the painstakingly detailed fine lines and scratchings of the drawings themselves. Based out of Northern Illinois, Justin's amazing work stands out as a monument to all of our wishes even in the face of our sometimes daunting reality. 

 Bio by Erin Armstrong, Screwball Press
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