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Stand By Me Movie Poster
Stand By Me Movie Poster by Housebear Design


Artist: Housebear Design
Date: 2020
Hand numbered
Screen print
Limited edition of 50
24 X 36 inches

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Stand By Me movie poster by Justin Froning aka Housebear Design. Limited edition screen print. A collaboration between Justin Froning and Josh Berwanger - artwork by Justin Froning.

A scene that has always stood out to us is when Gordie is on night watch while the other boys sleep by the campfire. Gordie comes face to face with a fawn as they each appear to see something familiar deep within the other. His companions begin to awaken and he narrates, “It was on the tip of my tongue to tell them about the deer, but I didn’t. That was the one thing I kept to myself.” We all remember the train — the machine of life that moves forward on its course without emotion or remorse. It's the barrel of the gun. We can run, or we can stand it down. Either way, we see the fawn as youth, and when their trip is over, nothing will ever be the same again. - Justin Froning

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