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Once Upon A Time In The West Movie Poster
Once Upon A Time In The West (Regular Edition) Astor Theatre Poster by Oliver Barrett

Movie: Once Upon A Time In The West 
Designer: Oliver Barrett 
Event: For a screening at The Astor Theater in Australia 
Date: 3rd November, 2011 
Numbered: Hand numbered 
Format: 5-Colour Handmade screen print 
Edition: Regular Edition, Limited Edition of 170 
Size: 16" X 26" Inches

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Once Upon A Time In The West Poster by Oliver Barrett for the Astor Theatre

Oliver Barrett's stunning poster for the classic western, 'Once Upon A Time In The West'.  There is more to this design than first meets the eye (if you can't see it).  Take a step back and relax your eyes, a hidden image will become apparent.  The poster was commissioned by TommyGood and created for the Astor Theatre in Melbourne, Australia.   This piece was printed by Nakatomi Inc.