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Nevermore Fantastic Fest Poster
Nevermore Fantastic Fest Poster by Alan Hynes


Created for the play Nevermore at The Alamo Drafthouse
Artist: Alan Hynes
Date: 29 September 2010
Hand signed by the artist
Hand numbered
Screen print
Limited edition of 180
18 X 24 inches


Stock Status: In Stock

More Information
Nevermore Poster by Alan Hynes

A stunning Alamo Drafthouse poster designed by Alan Hynes. The poster was created for the Fantastic Fest and a special showing of Nevermore. Fantastic Fest is the annual film festival held at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. It is the largest horror film festival in the US.

Nevermore is a one man play performed by Jeffrey Combs (his most famous role was Re-animator, but is a diverse actor with roots in theatre and is an icon in the horror film genre), here he plays a frighteningly accurate portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe and has received rave reviews.