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Joan As Police Woman Concert Poster
Joan As Police Woman Concert Poster by Malleus

Band(s): Joan as Police Woman
Artist/Designer: Malleus
Venue: Magnolia, Milano, Italy
Date: July 2nd 2008
Signed: Hand signed
Numbered: Hand signed
Edition: Limited edition of 180 pieces
Format: Handmade screen print
Size: Approx 19.5 X 27.5 inches


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Joan As Police Woman concert poster by Malleus. Limited edition screen print.

Collecting gig posters / concert posters:
Concert posters have become very collectable over the years and many of these impressive pieces of art have become very sought after indeed. These, often imaginative posters are handmade for a specific event. They are conceived and executed by the artist in runs as small as 50. Each poster is a unique purchase because not only are they very rare, they feature some of the finest pop art by increasingly sought after artists. These posters are usually silk-screened on high quality, heavy paper, then signed and numbered by the artist. Poster art in this form can be a wise investment.