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Deep Forest
Deep Forest Art Print by Dawid Planeta

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Title: 'Deep Forest'
Artist: Dawid Planeta
Edition: Limited edition of 100
Signed: Hand signed
Numbered: Hand numbered
Format: 7 colour screen print
Size: 16 x 24 inches


Stock Status: In Stock

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'Deep Forest' Art Print by Dawid Planeta. Limited edition screen print. numbered and signed.

This astonishing illustration explores the artist's personal struggle with depression, visualising the mental journey through dark times.

'Deep Forest' depicts the feeling of isolation and facing the unknown. It's the moment you realise things around you seem different – they look the same but something has changed and you can't put your finger on it. You feel like your awareness has moved into a dark place and it's too late to go back. You have lost your path and you're on your own. This is the moment when you have to turn in on yourself to find the light that has always been there. Find the light and let it guide you. - Dawid Planeta