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Arcade Fire Spring Tour Poster #1
Arcade Fire Spring Tour Poster #1 by Wes Winship (Burlesque of North America/Burlesque Design)

Band: Arcade Fire 
Artist: Wes Winship (Burlesque Of North America) 
Venues: Spring tour of North America 
Date: Spring, 2011 
Signed: Hand signed by the artist 
Stamped: Burlesque Design 
Numbered: Hand numbered 
Edition: Limited edition of 150 pieces 
Format: 3 colour handmade screen print
Size: Approximately 19 X 25 inches



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Arcade Fire Poster by Burlesque Design

Concert posters have become very collectable over the years and many of these impressive pieces of art have become very sought after. These, often highly imaginative, posters are handmade for a specific event. They are conceived and executed by the artist in runs as small as 50-200. They often become very rare and feature some of the finest pop art occurring in America and beyond.  These posters are usually hand silk-screened on heavy paper, then signed and numbered by the artist. Poster art in this form can also be a wise investment. is a Volusion Secure Site